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Secrets of Digital Nature Photography Mini-Courses
With David Denning

David Denning, Course Instructor


Learn skills and tricks of nature photography
using your own digital camera.

Each Course is a one-day (6-hour) hands-on
workshop with 2-5 participants.

These courses are suitable for different levels of experience and interest. All of the courses are ‘hands on’ – there will be short discussions about a topic followed by opportunities for you to immediately practice the techniques. At several points during the day we will go to the lab/studio to view our results on computer monitors, and discuss our results. You will be given teaching/learning aids and ‘cheat sheets’ that will help anchor the learning.

Table of Spring 2010 Mini-Courses

Courses for Spring 2010:

Calendar of Spring 2010 Nature Digital Photography Courses by David Denning

Mini-course for the Novice: Get started with digital nature photography even if you are completely new or a real neophyte. With this course you'll get immediate results with nature photographs, without too much technical lingo ... more ...

Level 1 - Improving your nature photos - This course will help you get better exposure, composition, sharpness, close-up views and creativity in your nature photos ... more ...
Level 2 - (Composition or Closeup/Macro) - For those already taking lots of nature photographs and feeling somewhat comfortable with camera settings, two different workshops at this level will provide in-depth instruction in composition and lighting or closeup photography of flowers, mushrooms and other organisms ... more ...
Level 3 - (Macro & Super Macro or Underwater While Dry) - For intermediate to advanced photographers, very comfortable with camera settings and exposure theory, these two workshops will provide knowledge and practice in special techniques of macro/super macro and "dry" underwater photography ... more ...
Phone or email to register or for more details: 250-537-0664, ddenning (at) telus.net