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Do you have 35 mm colour slides from the past hiding in a closet? Kodachromes? Ectachromes? Fujichromes?

We will digitize your 35mm colour slides (photographic transparencies) so they won't be lost forever. This is your chance to recover and catalog important family memories, revive that old photography project, or bring the memories of past events into the digital age so that you can easily view your images on your computer, or email them to family and friends.

We offer a full range of high quality slide scans depending on your final needs - from rapid medium-resolution scans for computer display, small prints, or Powerpointâ„¢ presentations to very high-resolution scans for books or even large prints up to 24" x 36".

Cleaning and minor colour-correction: We will air-clean your slides and apply minor colour-correction to account for average fadding. Your images will be delivered to you in Jpeg format, on the medium (disk or jump drive) of your choice.

If your slides are moldy, heavily faded, or extremely dirty, we may be able to revive them to a respectable level. We can also correct for poor colour exposure. Services for slide image recovery are $50/hour. Recovery can take from a few seconds up to 3 or 4 hours per slide depending on the condition of your slides and the desired outcome. Please arrange to bring your slides in for an estimate. ($10 minimum charge for slide recovry services).

Special Introductory 1/2 Price Offer!

We'll digitize 100 of your old slides to 3000x2000 digital images with air cleaning and colour correction
or...100 of your pristine slides to 4200x2800 digital images

for just $50! (A $100 value)

Slide Scanning Services
# Slides

1700 x11 00 pixel scans
For computer viewing, email, small prints (6x4)

3000 x2000 pixel scans
For family archives, Prints to 8x10

4000 x2700 pixel scans*
For archiving,
prints to
11x14 or larger

5600 x3700 pixel scans*
For professional archives, book publication, prints to 20x30 or higher

Minimum order, $10.

All digital scans delivered on your preferred medium
(a) We provide scans on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM (Small media charge for orders under $20)
(b) We can provide scans on memory stick supplied by you.

*for scans saved in RAW photographic format or TIFF format, add $0.50/slide